The Radical Housing Journal (RHJ) is an open access, free online publication and collective that seeks to push the boundaries of how we think about housing, understanding it as a practice in the making, a space of contestation, and as a politics in and of itself. Since 2016, their 15-strong collective has sought to foster a radical approach to housing – inseparable from everyday practices of inhabiting space and challenging the forces that make the world unhomely and uninhabitable – beyond academic limitations, to debate ideas and advance knowledge, theory, and praxis. Their accessible content comes from both academic and non-academic contributors, and our peer-review process also involves both scholars and self-defining housing-activists. As a collective, they also promote a non-exploitative, anti-capitalist, ecologically oriented, antiracist, feminist, decolonial, and horizontal politics in our own structure and functioning. 

The RHJ wants to create a space that challenges the study of conditions and processes that render housing alienable, combining heterogeneous theoretical standpoints from across the world. They therefore welcome transdisciplinarity and transnational approaches to conceptualizing the structural aspects and everyday elements of housing, housing justice, and resistance. They also encourage different methodological approaches, and provide tools for radical epistemology that make use of these methods.

The RHJ has an open call for papers, and invite contributions from those who see themselves in their Manifesto, wherever you are. Please see their Submissions page for more information on the different kinds of content and conversations they welcome from across different domains of inquiry and action. Feel free to submit papers and ideas, and please do get in touch about anything else (also about joining their Collective, or becoming a RHJ reviewer) at collective@radicalhousingjournal.org. You can also follow the RHJ on twitter @Radical_Housing.