Parsons Open Style Lab

2016 Team Pete

Team Pete: Bag & Jacket

Created & Written by: Pete Trojic, Jonathan Lee,  Jane Mitchell, La Tricia Watford, Chuyi Sun, Taylor Rodriguez
While the law focuses its attention on employment, schools, government services, public accommodations, and transportation, it does not directly address discrimination and opportunity in fashion, design, and technology. Fortunately, “stylish adaptive design, which caters to the unique, practical needs of differently-abled individuals, has been advanced in the last few years.” For fashionable adaptive designs to be inclusive, it is important to create with the user in mind. Open Style Lab’s interdisciplinary research program, centers around socially conscious, user-centered designs in wearable technology for clients with disabilities. Designing from a cross-disciplinary perspective allows for an increased emphasis on the inclusion of people with disabilities. As a team comprised of a fashion designer and creative technologists, we focused our attention on functional aesthetics and considerate use of materials to create a wearable design solution for our client Pete Trojic.