able. : Augmented Bench Learning Experiences

Joe Chung
Joe Chung
Joe is a creative technologist and educator. Operating at the intersection of education, design and technology, he creates objects and experiences that bring people closer to knowledge and each other.
Thesis Faculty
Katherine Moriwaki
Andrew Zornoza
Aya Karpinska
Louisa Campbell

How might we make learning electronics even more accessible to beginners?

How would we learn if we had greater control over how we asked for help, how the instructions are delivered?

How would we share our knowledge with others, if we took all the complex instructions, made it bite-sized, and delivered it to the learners, right where and when it is needed most?

What if we could do it all, in a low-cost package, on a mobile device?

able. (Augmented Bench Learning Experiences) is a collection of tools that tap into the powerful capabilities of mobile devices, and complement that with the powerful features of low-cost, Internet of Things(IoT)-enabled electronic development boards.

Through intuitive user interfaces such as augmented reality (AR) and voice control, makers can view and control the display of instructions and data in convenient, non-disruptive ways. Makers can embark on hands-on learning projects with instructional steps delivered when they need it, through contextually relevant audio visuals and step-by-step AR overlays.

Makers can also connect and assist other makers through a set of tools that allow for better capture of the workspace, facilitating online presentation, discussion and troubleshooting activities using a single mobile device.