The Living Space

Costas Constantinides
Costas Constantinides
Costas is a game designer who focuses heavily on visual effects and sound design in order to create deeply resonant and atmospheric experiences. Creating fun games is not the only important force behind why he designs games. The main aim is to make meaningful experiences that have a lasting impact on players.
Whether through beautiful environments or thought provoking spaces, his games intend to have an effect on players that they will remember after playing.
Being a very visual artist, Costas works with many other traditional mediums to give form to his imaginings. These include illustration, painting, mixed media, digital and graphic designed work.
Thesis Faculty
Melanie Crean
Ayo Okunseinde

The Living Space is a first person video game developed using Unity. The game challenges the standard goal oriented experience of traditional video games by giving players the freedom to explore the space at their own pace. The environment within the game alters, visually and aurally, based on the player's gaze and movement. This allows players to create their own unique experience and even their own 'game' essentially. Players draw their own insight from the environment of the game as well as their own meaning from playing.