Conversation with Myself

Jiaqi Liu
Jiaqi Liu
As a dream maker who wants to tell stories to the world, she is committed to creating novel & entertaining & touching experiences through immersive storytelling.

She is now running 壳间QUOGEN, a multimedia design and tech studio.
Thesis Faculty
John Roach
Barbara Morris
Anezka Sebek
Anna Harsanyi

My wandering life made me think about whether those experiences are all "predestined". Can the causal mysteries of those trajectories be discerned in the long river of time? I use my own story as the subject of causality analysis, looking at the temporal dimension, to explore the idea foreshadowing and karma.

If you are an audience curious about your destiny, I invite you to have conversation with me and also a conversation with yourself. I hope that in this process, you can soothe a trace of the trauma from the past and the fear for the future.

"Conversation with Myself" is a multimedia story told with a combination of physical elements and augmented reality. The AR part hidden in each page shows the correlations I found in my past experiences when I looked back through time. This use of interactive digital media breaks the one-direction rule of elapsed time and subtly reveals the cause and effect in my life.

Using the form of a pop-up book allows the structure to act as a metaphor which shows memories frequently appear suddenly and without warning. The mechanism of each part of the pop-up book is designed to support the narration and the fun of interaction. In the same way that I want to break the limitation of a single direction in time, I also want to break the traditional two-dimensional method in the narrative space by increasing the spatial and sensuous dimension.

Paper books drive tons of my nostalgic emotions. I use the book as a metaphor for life, and the pages as a metaphor for the experience. During the pandemic, I want to make something tangible and pass the warmth to whoever needs it.