The Other Side of the Window

Shuhao Liu
Shuhao Liu
Shuhao Liu is a visual designer, creative technologist, and amateur drummer who works with graphics, code, and rhythm.
Thesis Faculty
Richard The
Anna Harsanyi
Sven Travis
Loretta Wolozin

A film about connection & disconnection during the Great Quarantine

The Other Side of the Window is a work that uses the window as a narrative container for shared memories of connection and disconnection during the COVID-19 Quarantine. In a video offering two different perspectives of a single window, pandemic stories are told through visualizations representing the variance between the inside and the outside world.

Full video (Use headphones for a better experience)

This project aims to explore the relationship between individuals, groups, and space during the quarantine. It is also a visual experiment that uses 3D animation about space to express the complicated emotions that people experienced during quarantine. Due to this purpose, the challenge of showing the status of connection and disconnection is also my central intention.