Nora Zhang
Nora Zhang
UX / UI and VR / AR designer based in New York.
Thesis Faculty
Anna Harsanyi
Chris Romero
Anezka Sebek
Ethan Silverman

In this Internet / Internet of things era, I feel that there is no place for me to place my privacy. I often dream that I go to public places and take public transportation naked. In my dream, it seems to be the normal state of the world, so I keep telling myself that it's nothing, it's normal. But in my dream, I'm still very upset and uneasy, which often makes me wake up in a panic.

So I built this game in VR. This dark and broken dream-like environment reflects people's uneasy and anxious inner world under the current privacy exposure. Players need to move their bodies and try whatever they can to avoid being found by those eyes.