From Birth to Present

Kelly Kong
Kelly Kong
Thesis Faculty
Ayo Okunseinde
Melanie Crean
Ernesto Klar

From Birth to Present is an audio-visual installation; it seeks to understand human experiences and interpretation from the first-person perspective through dematerializing preconceptions and archetypes. It aims to put the audience in a conscious state of how we drink in phenomena, practicing “epoché” (suspension of judgment) and examine our subjective experiences.

This audio-visual installation will be set up with three projectors, and potentially 3 sound systems in a gallery space. With dark lighting and seating in the middle.


Covered in rust, a long summer decayed by ash dew
I sleep soft because the moments in hush feels formless
I kill my mornings with complexities (I hear them a thousand times)
maybe by 5, I’ll be composed
from a muse with bonafide
thereupon, I’m an Autumn brisk
— so purposeless, irrelevant to man
and it feels so good to be home
to a wolf yawn; in nascence, sometimes teary
the fuchsia flesh of an embryo
I’m harnessed by forget-me-nots
I’m the supple whiff from Elysian Fields
I exist, as you pulsate
a gentle wind like no other
you’ll make me lament,
on dulcet descent

My project stems from a visceral feeling of temporary bliss, an entity, an ambiance that comes and goes. My research that revolves around Phenomenology is specifically focused on notions by Edmund Husserl, such as "Eidetic Reduction", which is the movement from fact to essence through intuition instead of perception. I wanted to demystify the idea through my project not through logically understanding it, but through exploring from creating as I felt that would tap into a subliminal state. My purpose is not to tell but to show, as this topic has no instruction manual or an absolute "correct" way of telling. Thus, I chose to approach the form and process from a poetic place.