Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee
Hi! I am a Product and UX Designer who focuses on understanding users’ behaviors and emotions while applying design thinking to create experiences that delight users in a positive way. I am passionate about healthcare in its power to help people and make us all healthier, happier, and lead more productive lives.
Thesis Faculty
David Carroll
Chris Prentice
Harpreet Sareen
Loretta Wolozin

Wearables can collect data that includes steps taken, food water intake, calories burned, sleep movement, and breathing. A lot of wearable data collected is difficult to interpret and not medically relevant to the users fitness goal. Users mainly just want to know if they are healthy, if there are any anomalies within their data or if they should get professional help.

Proform is an assistant application that provides detailed insights that are backed by physical therapists and running experts to improve users running form and prevent injuries. The goal is to build the relationship between physical therapists and wearable tech/health app users for providers to analyze and provide a more accurate diagnoses and users to feel more confident about their fitness goals.

Users will have the option to connect their already existing data on their phones or wearables (if they have any) and link it all up in one device where they can get a very detailed analysis of their progress and goals. Focused on providing real-time feedback and form visualization to monitor and teach form during fitness activities. Users will have to go to their settings on their phones to connect their already existing health apps and allow access for their information. People usually have too many extra downloads so this applications helps organizes all of the data into one platform. What makes this product unique and different from other fitness platforms is that it is bridging the gap between health apps and wearables and providers by connecting the user with the physical therapy side of things which can overall improve patient outcomes by facilitating data transfer.