Lost & Found Immersive storytelling

Jackson Li
Jackson Li
Jackson Li is a designer with interior design background. After two years working and living experience in New York. He is working on multidisciplinary art projects related to interior design, storytelling, and education.
Thesis Faculty
Katherine Moriwaki
Andrew Zornoza
Sven Travis
Loretta Wolozin

This is a pre-version of future children immersive book. From my research, I discovered the importance of children's books for children's growth. However, today with advanced technology, children's books have lost their previous competitiveness. It is replaced by the technological revolution brought by the big screen. The ultimate mission of this project is to fit children's books to the big screen and increase the fun and interactive experience of children in reading. Lost and Found is a multi- award winning film based on the best selling book by Oliver Jeffers. I recreate the UI design in my video and make the story interactive. Lost &Found just one of immersive storytelling books in my immersive storytelling App.

Tooth brushing is a fragment in the film. I made the first UI design when the story progressed. The UI requires the children to brush their teeth against the TV camera to unlock the plot of the next chapter. There will be a lot of stains on the teeth, children need to use the action of brushing to completely remove the stains on the teeth in the animation. At the same time, I hope that children can learn standardized tooth brushing skills by reading these interactive stories and understand the importance of brushing teeth after meals.

The second UI I designed is to find the correct missing animal species in the animal list. The lost animal in the movie is a penguin, so children need to use their cognitive abilities to distinguish whether the animal standing next to them is the animal that appears in the UI.

The final UI design also comes from the story. I want to use the children to do rowing movements to achieve the purpose of exercising their arms at home. At the same time, read and play stories better through these interactive plots.

Future End States
Currently, the Lost and Found prototype has only been tested by my niece and a friend of hers. They said that they know what the UI requires them to do and think that the story that can be played is more interesting than just reading the story. They hope that there will be more stories like this for them to choose from, but at the same time this is also a challenge for this project. my interactive storytelling app needs more UI designers to fill the UI design part of the story. In the future, I will focus more on how to attract more people, not just UI designers, but also people who are interested in storytelling in the APP platform to design and develop the part of the story UI. I want more people to participate in my project to jointly complete the plan of turning book stories into interactive stories.