Birds Don't Cry at Sunrise

Jib Panyapha Leekitwattana
Jib Panyapha Leekitwattana
A Bangkok based game designer, artist, and 3D sculptor with a passion for horror and worldbuilding. My work mainly focuses on game designs, character designs and environment designs and aims to explore artistic implementations of horror to tell stories.
Thesis Faculty
Ayodamola Okunseinde
Melanie Crean
Ernesto Klar

Birds Don’t Cry at Sunrise is a short, narrative-driven game that depicts the story a child and parent with opposing beliefs which leads to a falling out within the household.
The game provides a psychological horror experience where players can make progress by exploring different spaces, interacting with objects, and solving puzzles.


This project asks the question of how horror can be used as metaphors to tell a story from real-life.
The goal of the experience is to lead the player through an artistic and abstracted experience in order to come to an understanding about the topic of clashing beliefs and oppression, and find relation to it in their own ways.


The story of the game revolves around the main character, a girl called ‘Lin,’ and focuses on her relationship with her father, who is a believer in the Sunflower Deity. As Lin starts to questionthe actual meaning behind her father’s act of faith, their relationship starts to crumble.

Until one night, Lin wakes up to find herself alone in her own house, with her surroundings starting to get distorted and her father nowhere to be found. As a result, Lin will venture into the darkness of the house in order to find out what happened to the place she once called home.