Open Radio Matters

Mia Meus
Mia Meus
Absurd machines, ubiquitous objects, speculative fiction and the unexpected: As an Art Director and Designer, Mia enjoys working on big emotions and the small details of the worlds yet to come. Deeply in love with futures full of agency, she blends the field of creative technology with futuristic outlooks.
Thesis Faculty
Richard The
Anna Harsanyi
John Sharp
Barbara Morris

Open Radio Matters (ORM) is a publicly accessible design collaboratory, consisting of an open source radio platform and repository dedicated to the imaginative futures of radio based technologies. Collecting and broadcasting audio content, which can be submitted online from all across the globe, the project aims to open up radio platforms to experimentations with new formats in order to identify unexpected potentials.

Ideas gathered through the radio submissions feed into a repository of artifacts from these alternatives, giving insights into the collective dreams and hopes for future radio landscapes.

Using a simple Raspberri Pi + some JavaScript and Python Code, Mia was able to create a link between the globally accessible radio portal and a low power FM station currently broadcasting in Brooklyn.
The station runs automatic without the need for a live host.

Each individual object in the repository is the outcome of collaborations with one of the artists/musicians/technologists who also contributed audio content to the radio channel.
Their visions range from radio portals broadcasting afro futurist conversations to receivers of natural VLF signal landscapes.
More information on each artifact and the collaborators can be found on the official Open Radio Matters website.

Special thanks to the initial collaborators:
JAZSALYN, Cofounder of black beyond
Stephen McGreevy, Natural Radiotropist
Bydl, Sound Artist