the cosmograph

Dar Min
Dar Min
interaction designer & new media artist based in brooklyn, ny focusing on the synthesis of emotions and digital interfaces.
Thesis Faculty
Ayo Okunseinde
Melanie Crean
Ernesto Klar

the cosmograph is a sculptural flowchart residing on the world wide web. it is the result of a subconsciousness-informed method of processing the effects of the Myanmar authoritarian state on intergenerational family dynamics.

imagery was concocted out of a process that i've developed called the Subconscious Visualization Method (SVM). in SVM, the designer is encouraged to use the pencil as a utensil to transmute our most inner thoughts and manifest them into physical reality. my drawings, shown below, were not only a brainstorming tool but evolved to become a cathartic release of trapped emotions. the cosmograph is a digital collage of these images, serving as a flowchart to show the interconnectedness of our individual traumas.