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Putting generation Z job applicants first: Pizi is a connected digital solution, focusing on a smart and equitable application submission process with the aim to bridge the gap between students, schools and companies. It's as intuitive as the “Pay with PayPal” button. But instead of money, you’ll send a customizable and dynamic e-résumé.

Pizi does not host any job postings. With diversity in mind, it offers a quick and easy step-by-step-system that allows students to customize and transfer relevant data for multiple jobs within seconds by synchronizing existing job postings with a lean, yet customizable submission process. Career-related data will be entered only once and can be transferred and customized a thousand times. Job applications made easy, smart and fair for all. But especially for underrepresented groups.

In order to find jobs and apply with Pizi, users are encouraged to go to reliable platforms like Hire New, which is a career portal operated by The New School. The yellow button will start the application process.

Applicants are not limited to one single source of jobs. Research shows that finding great job listings isn't the hardest part of the application process. Preparing and submitting is much harder as it takes a lot of time and effort to submit multiple applications. Pizi will end the stressful and time-consuming part of the process by providing a quick and easy data transfer. Yet, Pizi is not a candidate portal and also not a job platform. It is a connected web solution that shares data with existing platforms, just like PayPal.

Thanks to the smooth integration of the so called API technology, it would be very easy to implement Pizi on other job platforms, both on campus and even beyond. It's not only designed for The New School.

Build your own

Pizi offers a variety of user-friendly features, including dynamic e-résumés and incognito applications. Allowing users to select and deselect elements based on the job, industry and company will increase their chances of getting the job and will make them more competitive. Sounds like a great deal!

Submitting job applications with Pizi is fast, fair and easy:

1. Experience

An e-résumé like no other. Thanks to the way the content is presented, it is tailored to the needs of students. Placing academic history on top, showing awards and student competitions and allowing students to add a sports team are just a few examples that highlight user-centricity for generation Z. Bye, bye PDF.

2. Resources

Many users have expressed their desire to upload any type of documents and even links. A dynamic e-résumé alone simply does not offer enough space for old-fashioned, static certificates, so users are allowed to upload URLs and relevant document to this page. Before uploading a file, users can select from a number of categories, for example “transcript”, “cover letter” or “portfolio”.

3. Diversity

Questions related to the identity of the job applicant are required on many application portals. Yet, there is currently no solution on the market that would allow users to transfer diversity information from one source to another, so users are forced to retype it every single time.

4. Contact

This is the section where users can decide how they would like to get in touch with a company. In most cases, there would be an email address as well as a phone number. A physical mailing address is simply not needed in this particular stage of the selection process, as the place of residence, the state or even the country could lead to serious biases. Furthermore, users can control whether they would like to share their name or not and how they would like to share it. What about first name only?


Unlike other career solutions, Pizi is designed for applicants, specifically for generation Z and members of underrepresented groups. At the same time, Pizi comes with a lot of benefits for HR professionals. Scroll down to learn more about Pizi's unique advantages for HR.

This is how the overall journey works:

Isn't LinkedIn doing exactly the same?

No. LinkedIn offers a unique instant application feature with two different approaches: the first one will forward applicants to the existing company-owned career portal, where they are -again- required to login, create a separate profile and start a time-consuming process from scratch. Option number 2 happens within the LinkedIn ecosystem, allowing users to submit their universal profile as it is. This might be suitable for one specific job, let’s say in marketing, but is probably too vague for another role in design. Also, it will still ask applicants for a PDF résumé and the process requires a lot of retyping, ranging from diversity-related input to job-specific questions. This doesn’t seem to be a user-friendly and efficient process for generation Z job seekers.

How can recruiters and HR professionals benefit from Pizi?

Faster for applicants, faster for HR. For recruiters, the digital résumé is a great way to scan multiple résumés in a matter of seconds. The turnaround time is also much shorter compared to existing processes, making it more efficient for both applicants and HR. Finally, such a seamless and straight-forward process guarantees a more diverse and inclusive candidate pool by eliminating potential challenges. Pizi could help companies to turn diversity goals and employer branding principles into real-world actions.

Is Pizi going to replace the current application process, for example on Hire New?

Not really. Pizi will never actively replace existing services. Instead, it will offer a fresh approach and should be treated like a user-friendly extension. As soon as the number of Pizi users grows, the current application process would start to become less relevant and eventually disappear in the long run.

Nevertheless, platforms like Hire New are a great starting point. Thanks to the close connection to the industry and campus recruiters, University career portals are a great resource and offer a lot of exciting job postings. However, they are often not tailored to the needs of job applicants when it comes to the actual submission process. The user experience is simply not great and even confusing, making it hard to navigate. On top of that, the application process on Hire New does not always lead to a submission:

Applying for jobs online is still an outdated process in 2021, at least from the perspective of generation Z applicants. It’s time-consuming, frustrating and simply unfair. A lot of these issues are connected to the lack of user experience design in the domain of job application tools. Concepts like Pizi could be part of the solution. Let's make the job application process easier for all!