RAM Quilt

Michelle Nee
Michelle Nee
Thesis Faculty
Ayodamola Okunseinde, Melanie Crean, Ernesto Klar.

For centuries the cutting edge of Technology was Craft. Traces of this history can be found throughout computation, and yet there are little to no acknowledgements or applications of craft within STEM today. Having spent much of my early life steeped in craft I felt a compulsion to remove myself from that past once I stepped into my technology heavy undergrad. This compulsion is rooted in the way we as a society place value onto labor and who is doing it. The quilt was made using 100% recycled fabric. On top of the quilt are 1 bit circuits that are handmade using steel thread, copper fabric, e-textile embeds, and traditional computing components.

The main function of the quilt are the set and reset buttons that are on each of the 8 circuits. When a user presses the set button which is the top one, the led visually indicates the storage of a bit, a '1'. When a user presses the reset button the memory is erased. the quilt also functions as a blanket and drapes easily over the body.

Special Thanks to
Ursula Wolz
David Bering-Porter
Liza Stark
David Carrol
and my peers.