Shantanu Nair
Shantanu Nair
Shantanu is a 4th year Design and Technology Student at Parsons. He is focused on the game track of this major and focuses on sound design and creating unique user interfaces and experiences.
Thesis Faculty
Ayodamola Okuseinde

Ernesto Klar

Melanie Crean

'Revenge' is designed as a 2D platformer created to experiment with non-intrusive, primarily diegetic User Interfaces and visual storytelling. Developed in Unity, the game challenges the uses of traditional user interface tools to provide information such as health bars and score counters by replacing them with various colors and shifts in perspective. The player will embark on a journey to get revenge on a group of people who have caused him misery. The goal is to have the player be able to gain the necessary information to make decisions and understand the state of the game through non-intrusive means.