(Un)Echo Chamber

Franziska Mack
Franziska Mack
Thesis Faculty
Jesse Harding
Andrew Zornoza
Anna Harsanyi
Anezka Sebek

I spent the past months investigating a network of German Covid deniers and conspiracy theorists and their extensive use of the communication platform Telegram. My project (Un)Echo Chamber, a web-based sound experience, offers visitors a glimpse into Querdenken’s overwhelmingly loud online presence.

(Un)Echo Chamber blends the emotionally charged voice messages that Querdenkers frequently share in their channels into an immersive soundscape that visitors can explore across time. Moving through the space sounds build-up, taking the focus off single messages’ precise wording. In contrast to the isolating experience of following a Telegram channel, (Un)Echo Chamber is a shared space. Sound triggered by other visitors on the website layers onto one’s own soundscape, absorbing single voices’ momentum further and creating an ever-evolving cacophony of anger.

Visit querdenken.herokuapp.com to listen to a bunch of Germans falling down the rabbit hole.