Praxis and Strategic Craftivism


Sarah Corbett of Craftivist Collective visited Parsons to present her ideas on craft and gentle protest, and how activists need to get past the “tantrum” of reaction to become more strategic (and “slow” as in thoughtful) in the way they execute their work. Giving examples of “pretty protests” (getting out of the black hoodies and into the flower-patterned dresses) and identifying allies outside of the affected groups help build wider alliances and longer lasting momentum.

Craft activism and critical making often missies the strategic perspective; how to add political leverage towards systemic intervention and change (move beyond the “tactics” of resistance) and who to utilize non-violence to build affinities and turn skeptics into allies. In this way the very slowness and introspection that craft embodies can open room for dialogue and reflection. Craftivists have a lot to learn on how to better leverage non-violence and proactionary work from icons such as Gandhi and MLK.