The Orange Apocalypse

Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee
Sarah is a UX Designer from San Jose, California. She completed her BFA in Design from the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on product design and will continuing her adventures in Seattle, Washington after graduation.
Thesis Faculty
Harpreet Sareen
Loretta Wolozin
Aya Karpinska
Louisa Campbell

The Orange Apocalypse is an installation inspired by the emotions elicited from the surreal atmospheric phenomenon of the West Coast orange skies.

The dramatic orange hues that descended upon the West Coast were an eerie natural warning. This was nature’s unique beacon. The project explores how the emotions felt during an event can be transformed into an immersive, abstract environment that tells a story.

The installation features a vortex of levitating leaves illuminated by an orange plate. The leaves are a symbol of the development of the natural phenomenon. They are formed into a floating mass to highlight the supernatural feeling that was omitted from the sky. Depending on the perspective of the user, the light will bounce off the leaves in a pattern similar to flickering flames. The orange glow is sourced from below to articulate the eerie and darkness of the sky. The goal is to have a fluid, natural movement between each individual leaf that feels mystical, yet foreboding once the directional light is cast. The piece is intended to create a space that provides the users with a sense of awe, yet has enough subtle details to allude to the inspiration behind the project.