Reconstructing History through Memes

Pranjal Deep
Pranjal Deep
Pranjal Deep is a Product Designer and a Deep pun specialist who loves to solve complicated problems and design crafty solutions. Currently, he is either looking at a MEME or sitting in a Zoom call.
Thesis Faculty
Chris Romero
Ethan Silverman
Sven Travis
Loretta Wolozin

The year is 3021 and the Robots on planet earth can't be more excited. After millennials of not knowing where they came from or what their true purpose is, they have finally found some new data. A Robot called Tex10 has discovered some old scripts referred to in ancient earth culture as Memes. An initial examination of these Memes has revealed that they might be a key to understanding more about their predecessors, and thus help the Robots discover their true purpose.

Since the memes were uncovered, a research team from The Robot Academy of Science and Hypnotism has been working at full processor capacities (even the Robots operating on Windows), to analyze and publish findings. The work they have done would define the future of all Robots to come.

All Robots here are invited to read an account of their research here or check out their more detailed publishing here.

*Make note to plug in your audio receptors for the best experience.