First Things: an exhibition of First Year student work!

Parsons First Year is thrilled to announce First Things, an exhibition of fall semester work from students in Parsons First Year! On view February 05 – 25, 2024.

Gallery doors open at 5pm on Monday February 5th with a closing reception and celebration at 5pm on Friday February 23rd.

Special related events:
The First Year has teamed up with the student club Nibbling Conscience to offer a series of community-led events in the gallery. Stay tuned for more info!

About the exhibition
The exuberant explosion of work First Things at the Aronson Gallery represents a moment in time – a beginning for our undergraduate students. To be precise, the objects and images on display are the products of their very first semester at Parsons, just prior to finals. The diversity of approaches reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the Parsons First Year program, a year-long set of courses that foregrounds exploration, research and risk-taking at the same time that it imparts skills.

Image: Bella Pommells and Tamara Benarroch