space / materiality

space / materiality

Building is an act of transformation. How do we translate a thought into a thing? How do we take an idea from a flat world to a three-dimensional world? In this class you will learn the techniques of physical construction: joining, inserting, interlocking, nesting, slotting, folding, collapsing. You will also come to understand how force, resistance and gravity affect construction. Space / Materiality will look at three types of space: haptic (related to touch); inhabited (lived in or occupied space); and social and environmental (related to society and the natural world).

We embrace learning through failure, taking a trial and error approach to finding out about material properties. We will experiment with concepts such as malleability, weight, texture, durability, and think about ways to engage all the senses as we create three-dimensional projects. Discussion, critique, and written responses will create a class community of idea-sharing. These will help you to understand your work in historical and cultural contexts, including the social and ecological impacts of the materials you use.

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