integrative studio / seminar 2

Integrative Studio 2

Integrative Studio 2 builds on the exploratory skills introduced in Integrative Studio 1. This time a greater emphasis is placed on research as the tool for forming connections between studio and seminar. In the first half of the semester you will be given quick assignments to introduce a variety of studio based methods for generating questions, integrating research, and documenting discoveries in your art and design work. We focus on embracing failure and trial and error as core elements of the creative process. In the second half of the semester you will define and pursue your own research based project connected to seminar.

Once again, studio and seminar will come together through a series of bridge projects that highlight the components of the research process: inquiry, context, investigation, interpretation, argument, connections and reflection. Bridge projects are the basis of the collaborative relationship of ideas between the two courses. They ask you to engage with writing as a form of making, and making as a form of thinking, in order to explicitly and productively blur the boundaries between seminar and studio. Inflections for the courses are: Constructed Environments, Fashion, Systems & Strategies and Visual Culture.

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Integrative Seminar 2

This course aims to challenge old beliefs about what you can do with writing. It invites inquiry and helps you to think about research as an energized idea. In Integrative Seminar 2 you will be encouraged to pursue topics you find perplexing and fascinating. How can curiosity lead you to ask productive questions and get answers to them? How can you create a writing process that is organic and unfolds over time?

In the first half of the semester quick assignments will introduce you to a variety of research methods and help you to define an area of interest. In the second half of the semester you will pursue your own research based project connected to studio. Throughout the semester, you will read texts which explore a wide array of forms that researched writing can take.

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Bridging Theory and Practice:
In Integrative Seminar and Studio 2, students create visual and written work guided by a shared inflection across the two courses. These inflections allow for students to delve deeper into areas of art and design that may relate to their major. During the semester, students complete bridge projects which connect their studio practice with their seminar research. Examples of all project types are represented below.