integrative studio / seminar 2

Integrative Studio 2 and Integrative Seminar 2 are two separate but paired courses; this pairing follows Integrative Studio/Seminar 1 and is taken in the Spring semester. The focus of these courses is on research, which often requires moving out into the world through field work, experimentation, failure, and creative problem solving. In Integrative Studio 2, you explore all types of discovery and documentation by fact-finding individually and in groups. In Integrative Seminar 2, you continue building the reading, writing, presentation, and analysis skills you developed in the Fall seminar, this time through fact-finding and the filter of research. What is the best way to present a well-researched argument? How can you defend a design by showing its relationship to contemporary practice? Both courses will focus on the approaches to research used within the schools of Parsons. Inflections for the courses are: Constructed Environments, Fashion, Systems & Strategies and Visual Culture.
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Bridging Theory and Practice:
In Integrative Seminar and Studio 2, students create visual and written work guided by a shared inflection across the two courses. These inflections allow for students to delve deeper into areas of art and design that may relate to their major. During the semester, students complete bridge projects which connect their studio practice with their seminar research. Examples of all project types are represented below.