Katlyn Le Leal "The Female Gaze - I. EYES. OURS. (excerpt)"

objects as history

This course introduces you to major trends in world history and to the considered study of objects as expressions of a particular place and time. Its structure is roughly chronological, beginning in prehistory and continuing until the dawn of mass industrialization, which occurred at different times for different cultures. The focus of the course is on objects—from ordinary tools of daily life to extraordinary monuments of skill and design—that are on display in local museum collections.These objects will be explored in terms of how and why they were made, by whom and for whom, how they were used, what they meant to their users, and what social structures are embedded in them.
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The student work featured here outlines the objects students are studying by creating a chronological timeline of objects that have appeared throughout world history. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection is utilized for the images featured here, and each object is complemented by the student's understanding of these items and the roles and purposes they serve.