integrative studio / seminar 1

Integrative Studio 1 and Integrative Seminar 1 are two separate but paired courses taken in the Fall semester. In the studio, you explore a range of visual, analytical, and making skills while working on projects that are collaborative and cross-disciplinary. In the seminar, you learn skills to articulate and understand intellectual conversations and contexts for your studio work. These skills include critical thinking and analysis, presentation and discussion, reading and writing. At various times in the semester, the two classes share concepts and assignments, bringing together reading, writing, and making in a way that is essential to the creative work of professional artists and designers. Keywords for the courses are: Avatar, Fake, Memory and Shift.
seminar course description studio course description

Bridging Theory and Practice:
In Integrative Seminar and Studio 1, students create visual and written work that reflects the shared keyword across the two courses. At certain points in the semester, students complete bridge projects which connect their studio practice with their seminar research. Examples of all project types are represented below.