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drawing / imaging

Drawing / Imaging explores how meaning is constructed and communicated through two-dimensional images. In this course you will use both traditional drawing techniques and digital imaging methods to consider the conceptual, aesthetic and formal qualities of visual representation. You will be encouraged to make work that feels risky and unknown and to work in ways that are unfamiliar. As you build skills of observation and representation, you will be guided through a process of attempting, failing and learning to trust.

Drawing is a multidisciplinary tool. It is a form of thinking that can be used to help us see, imagine, strategize or give shape to an idea. This course will introduce you to a range of materials and media from charcoal and pencil to collage and photography, as well as Illustrator and Photoshop. Sketchbooks will be used to brainstorm, experiment, process and pursue curiosities. Alongside studio based projects, the class has regular discussions, critique and written responses. Writing and conversation will place images in an historical and cultural context and create space for an exchange of ideas. The skills developed in this course are foundational to all majors and disciplines. Inflections for the course are: Language, People and Places & Things.
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