First Year faculty Sonya Sklaroff interview in ALL ARTS

Photo: Alison Gootee

Part-Time Associate Professor Sonya Sklaroff was recently interviewed about her work for ALL ARTS, an online art and culture hub created by WNET.

On the ongoing pandemic’s effect on her work, Sklaroff shared that:

Artists have become more inventive about presenting their work to find new audiences. Since galleries and museums have been closed or have been forced to limit their audience, I’ve been fascinated by the new venues that my artistic community has found to exhibit their art.

One of the most exciting experiences for me to present my work to the world was recently being featured on 3,500 LinkNYC digital kiosks around New York City. Seven of my pieces from my Pandemic Paintings Series rotated every 15 seconds flashing on these digital billboards for two weeks on street corners in all five boroughs. I gained more exposure than I ever had being shown in a gallery or a museum.

Check out the full interview here as well as some of the works from the Pandemic Paintings Series below. You can also follow Sonya on Instagram.

“What a perfect night to go for a refreshing dip in the East River at moonlight” courtesy Sonya Sklaroff


“What a wonderful day to stay inside and hide under the covers,” courtesy Sonya Sklaroff


“I didn’t recognize my face in the mirror this morning,” courtesy Sonya Sklaroff


“Last night I dreamt we danced on the rooftop at twilight,” courtesy Sonya Sklaroff


“What a marvelous day to dance naked in the rain,” courtesy Sonya Sklaroff