First Year Integratives Students Pop-Up Exhibition!

During the final weeks of the Fall 2019 semester, First Year students exhibited their collaborative projects in 2 West 13th Street. Researching neighborhoods in New York City, the students worked on the pieces during the semester as part of the Integrative Studio (taught by Mimi Kim) and Integrative Seminar (taught by Elizabeth Chakkappan) courses.

Students created wearable “architectural” structures to memorialize an aspect of a lesser-known New York City neighborhood they have researched through observation, reading and on-the-ground reporting.

First, they researched the social, economic and political trends influencing the neighborhoods in Integrative Seminar. Then, they decided on a person, event or thing to memorialize and make a persuasive presentation about the reasons why, by referring to historical facts, conceptual reasoning and current day events. Finally, they worked on the design of the new monument in Integrative Studio and wrote gallery wall text for an exhibition of their new monuments in Integrative Seminar.

The neighborhoods and collaborative works photographed are:

Brighton Beach
Amanda Bushmann, Bella Durante, and Isabel Muniz

Crown Heights
Gia Lee, Catherine Lin, Mikayla Moskowitz, and Madeline Mulvey

Jackson Heights
Isabel Kenner, Meghna Ratra, and Madison Seidman

Sunset Park
Lilly Capombassism, Jada Chen, and Colin Elmer


Photos by Ana Miljak