First Year IS2 students out and about!

Parsons First Year students in Lucy Chudson’s Integrative Seminar 2 course had the chance to visit several exhibitions and gallery spaces, including the Women Dressing Women exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in February. Check out some photos from their visit as well as excerpts of their writing responses!

“ Entering the darkly lit Women Dressing Women” exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, seemed like opening a portal to a realm where stories of courage, ingenuity and undiscovered tales were woven together with fabric and thread…”

– Derek Ujaque, Parsons First Year student

“ There was the theme of absence. We see the exclusion of many bodies from the Fashion industry. This exhibition was a reminder of the unobtainable standard that has been established to exploit “the fashioned body.”

– Gabby Vilnos, Parsons First Year student

“The MET’S Costume Institute’s Fall/Winter 2024 Exhibition showcased a long overdue retrospective of female fashion designers throughout history. Following a variety of designs and designers from 1675 to the present, this exhibition highlights both the celebrated and the lesser-known female designer.”

– Gabrielle Conrad, Parsons First Year student

“ This (fashion) exhibition is long overdue and celebrates the creativity and the legacy of women. It was refreshing to see many overlooked designers and be introduced to relatively unknown ones. …. However, while I was impressed by the exhibited work, I feel disappointed by the design of the exhibit itself…. If If they (The Museum) ) wanted this exhibition to be grand and of importance, bring it out of the basement as they do with the MET Ball themes.”

– Jessica Deng, Parsons First Year student

In April, students in the course also explored Chelsea where they visited Comme Des Garcons Flagship Store and the Nohra Haime Gallery’s exhibition “Fire and Earth”!