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First Year student Ethan Halpern’s project “We The People”, which began as an assignment in his Integrative Studio 1 course has been featured on the New York and Los Angeles based fashion, music, photography and film blog

The original course assignment asked students to explore and create a project using multiple form. In response, Halpern created the project “to start a conversation about equality in our country. “We The People” is the first three words of the Constitution, the document that sets our fundamental principles and how we are governed. Today, our country is the most divided in recent memory and will likely continue to be unless we come together and realize what we need to do to be one.”

The project began with Halpern creating t-shirts with the phrase “We The People” (extracted from the beginning of the United States Constitution). The shirts were then distributed to people of all different sexualities, genders, races. Individuals were photographed wearing the shirts and asked to “talk about what the phrase “We The People” means to them” along with “how they’ve been affected by governmental policy, and why inclusion is so important”.

Read participants responses and the entire feature here.