First Year Student Workshop: Character Creation 101

Character Creation 101
Have you always been interested in drawing characters but aren’t quite sure where to start? This workshop with Parsons Graduate student Ayman Mir, will introduce you to some of the fundamentals of creating engaging characters! Together we will explore some foundational parts of the character design process such as: ideation and reference collection, the storyline, shape language, silhouetting, and briefly touch upon other elements and resources that’ll help you in your character design journey! We will later use the flour sack method as a foundation for applying some of the ideas discussed above! By the end of this workshop, you’ll have gained an elementary understanding of the character design process and will leave equipped with the tools needed to continue building your independent practice. (Participants are recommended to have a basic interest or familiarity with drawing (think elaborate stick figures, nothing fancy!)

Feel free to bring your preferred drawing medium, such as a tablet or pencil and paper.

Friday 03/24/2023
7:00 P.M.
Location: L 311, 2 W 13th St.