Jess Irish, Coordinator for Integrative Studio

My creative practice utilizes many kinds of media (animated, interactive, installation, print) to develop experimental non-fiction works. I’m interested in new ways to understand and make connections between seemingly-everyday occurrences or artifacts. I teach in the School of Art, Media & Technology and recently received my 2nd MFA from the Creative Writing program at The New School, focusing on poetry and writing for children.

I teach and coordinate Integrative Studio, and have also taught the seminar.

What are the most exciting and/or rewarding parts of teaching First Year? The most challenging?

I love teaching First Year students because they are generally “on fire” with sheer enthusiasm and excitement to be here, at Parsons, in NYC, in college. Every student has a compelling story for “how I got here” and it is truly a privilege to be part of that journey. The challenges are different for each student, but some common ones include: learning how to manage time to stay on top of their work, not reaching out for help before problems escalate and feeling like they have to commit to a track early in the process. First year is a great time to experiment and grow, try new things.