Seeing The Unseen: Collaborative Zine

Integratives Studio and Seminar students Dina Bazian, Ramsey Daniels, Eleanor Doyan, Ranada Duffy, Gabriel Feal-Staub, Greg Goldstein, Qian Liu, Emily Mazzei, Alex Mi, Natalie Nguyen, Tess Palma, Natalie Soto and Vic Walsh worked collaboratively to plan, design and print a collaborative zine titled Seven:10 as part of their Integrative Studio 1 and Integrative Seminar 1 courses, taught by Shari Diamond and Casey Haymes.

Seeing The Unseen, the course project which initiated the zine’s creation, involved a variety of research methodologies to uncover, comprehend and visualize those outside of the canon. Students researched a wide range of artists and/or designers who, for one reason or another, have been left out of history (at one time or another). Selecting one person to focus on, each student researched the individual in depth to understand the context, relevance and implications of being erased or forgotten.

To develop an understanding of the context of information delivery (i.e. which sources are valuable for what kind of information and how that might be used as a source of knowledge), a variety of primary and secondary sources were utilized — including oral histories, blogs and JSTOR. Students explored working with an archive as well as generating their own material and content. The collaborative zine built out of these processes explored both the significance of the individuals selected as well as the mechanisms and values at play in the writing of history.

Each student contributed individually to the collaborative class zine by creating and contributing two spreads (a total of four pages) consisting of a title, original text and original images. The style and amount of text as well as images was determined by each student.

As a collaborative zine, Seven: 10 came into being through the collaboration of the entire class. Each student was responsible for a specific job or task to create the zine. Each student identified their top three job/task choices and applied for the positions by submitting a cover letter and CV/Resume.

In addition to the physical publication, students also created an online component to the zine, accessible here.