Student Celeste Haselrig selected for Gucci’s North America Changemakers Scholarship Award

Recent Parsons First Year student Celeste Haselrig was selected for Gucci’s North America Changemakers Scholarship Award as well as an intern for their Scholar Program. Celeste shared her work with us as well as insight into her involvement and inspiration:

“As one of the recipients of Gucci’s North America Changemakers Scholarship award, I have been involved with Gucci throughout the Summer of 2020 as an intern in their Gucci Scholar Program. The opportunity to create artwork for the 2020 election preceded my time as an intern, where I also had the chance to use my artwork as a vehicle for self-expression to envision the growing and diverse future of the company.

With the goal of Gucci x When We All Vote partnership to enact change and encourage eligible voters of all social and economic backgrounds to participate in the coming election, this piece was inspired by the unity of diverse people and our ties to the environment around us—speaking to the idea of community and climate change—essential topics of the 2020 election. I was motivated to create something that felt energizing, inclusive, and extravagantly earthy. The second launch of the Gucci Changemaker North America scholarship award is now open, and I encourage all eligible students to apply!”