Aaliyah White

Erasing Distance Collage / Tarot Cards

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Magazine collaging, paper

Faculty: Matthew Jensen

Prompt: Part of this project is designing a workflow for executing a finished deck in a condensed amount of time. Thinking through the steps, streamlining your actions, and leaving room for mistakes. Our objective was to create a deck of cards based on the 52 words you wrote down associated with how we would describe our lifestyle/interests. Later in the semester, we were also assigned to create 12 handmade pieces of art to mail to our classmates and professors.

Both of these projects are rooted in personal style choices and expressing your genuine authenticity within your art. We were very encouraged to take inspiration from a variety of different sources and artists. So I appreciated having the freedom to explore and develop new techniques. Another goal with these projects was to try and spend $0. I find myself very resourceful and pitifully cheap, so I had a fun time getting creative. Over the years, I’ve managed to collect tons of old magazines and scrap paper. I took that to my advantage and decided to manipulate and draw over things that resonated with me. This project helped me overcome a lot of challenges or weaknesses I needed to practice. I struggled with long writings and wasn’t so confident in my drawing skills, so I became a problem solver. I also learned so much about how to continue to strengthen those weaknesses in the future.