Aira Dolfo


Prompt: The prompt was to create a polyhedron that opened in some way and demonstrated something that is visually interesting in a "toy' like way. 2 planar materials to work in.

I wanted to use triangles to create my polyhedron. I first began with the idea of creating pyramids with the triangles. I also incorporated the structure of a paper fortune teller. I was intrigued by how paper fortune tellers can open in different ways and embody different structures. We first sketched our ideas and later translated our sketches into 3d paper models. For our final version, we were allowed to use metal, wood and plexiglass. I decided to use metal and plexiglass because these materials complemented one another. I used hinges to allow the polyhedron to open. One side of the polyhedron is solely plexiglass to allow the viewer to look inside the metal pyramid structures. To attach all the pieces together, I used rivets.