Alejandro Ramdahin

Interior Space; Reitveld-Shroder House Project

Class of: 2025

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Drawing, drafting

Faculty: José DeJesús

Prompt: Choosing a chair from a mid-century designer we had previously researched, we were asked to draw scaled isometric and orthographic projections of it. Next, we placed our chosen chair in Rietveld- Shroder house, drawing orthographic projectionsand an isometric projection of the chair within the space. Finally, we drew the space in one-point persepctive with the chair in two-point perspective.

This project started with researching mid-century designers and their chair designs. The mid-century designer I chose to focus my study on was Gerrit Reitveld and his De Stijl style Red and Blue chair design. Specific dimensions, blueprints and other information was researched in order to complete its orthographic projections (plan, front, & side) and its isometric projection. The project then moved on to a study of a Dutch house, the Reitveld-Schroder House, an embodiment of the De Stijl movement. A room was chosen within this house and orthographic drawings were drawn of it. Our chosen chair was then placed within the room in a tilted position along with other furniture of our choosing. An isometric of the chair and furniture within the space was subsequently drawn. Lastly, the room was constructed in one-point perspective, with the chair requiring a two-point perspective construction as it was placed in a tilted position. Building on our early studies of the Vitruvian Man and The Golden Ratio Woman, 3 figures were add to interact with this space. All of the drawings were drawn to a specific scale with the use of the architect’s scale.