Alexandra Nava-Baltimore

Is Time In Control?

Class of: 2025

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Barbara Pohl

Prompt: The Movie 2 Project for my Time course required the creation of a narrative film drawing upon inspiration from La Jetée. Our definition of time was open to interpretation and development as we would guide the viewer through a movie that tells a fictional or documentary story. This type of film places increasing importance on lighting and camera movement, among other cinematic elements. Shooting, editing, and the overall narrative came from each person's interpretation. As a supplement, we were asked to create a physical French Fold Book, including 8 clips of our film, which I then turned into imagery. This project brought to life an often abstract concept.

For my narrative film,” Is Time In Control?” I portrayed my definition and understanding of time through Self Portraiture. When considering or analyzing time, variables are endless, but one common theme for me is the sense of pressure and blurriness as time passes and events move from one to another. I question whether time is isolated events, or instead, a cycle of occurrences that blend into one another. Although daily routines might change, we hold experiences in the back of our minds as guides that often control how we use our time. Showcasing parts of my day presents the viewer with abstract and concrete thoughts and concepts as the visual time and clock give a grounded recurring repetition of imagery. The inclusion of my eyes portrays the sense of what I perceive, experience, and connect to. As scenes flow into one another, audio provides a guide for the viewer to feel immersed in the film, creating a multisensory experience. I shot on my Nikon camera and created audio recordings, transitions, and edited on Adobe Premiere.