Ammie Liu

What's Behind the Door?

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Zine

Faculty: William Lamson

Prompt: For this project, we were asked to document the experience of witnessing time using any medium that we like.

I love waiting in front of the elevator doors (except on days when I’m running late to class). There is a sense of anticipation and mystery that unfolds through time as the door opens. It almost reminds me of the unboxing process of a blind box. As a witness of this event, standing in front of the elevator doors and staring into the space, I can’t help but to wonder: is there a lot of people? Is there an enormous food cart? Or is it empty? This zine was made to recreate the experience of waiting for the elevator doors to open. The doors on each page were attached so that they could imitate the opening action of the elevator doors. It is only when the doors slide open that my questions are answered. What is really behind the door?