Ananta Gupta


Class of: 2025

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Adobe Illustrator

Faculty: Anne Finkelstein

Prompt: The assignment started off by constructing parallel white lines of variable width on a specified size of black squares. Moving on, the restriction were lifted by including variable length lines and adjoining them together to create a dynamic composition. This was a project where we transitioned from traditional art to digital art (Illustrator). The last part of the project opened several gates of possibilities and prompted us to make any sort of composition while keeping the core essence of the project.

This particular project constitutes to be the final part of a project that started by constructing white lines on black squares.

For my project, I thought of creating dynamic visual perception. The idea of making illusions was to provide the viewer with an image that grants liberty to its brain to make decisions. Other than this, to keep the essential essence of the project, I added minimal curved lines with no colour other than that of pictures. I think one of the reason that I did not think of adding colour to the lines is that black and white have the highest contrast, making the illusions more effective. Furthermore, Adding images and particularly sharks prompted me to make it look like a video game incorporating a lot of players stuck in illusions.