Ananya Agarwal


Prompt: In this project, we were introduced to mark making using various materials. For the assignment, we explored ways to use various drawing materials and media to create marks on paper and express different moods and emotions through them.

This project had multiple parts. For the first part, we created fields of abstract marks in a gridded layout. Using different materials we explored the effects marks have on the viewers and came up with a variety of different kinds of marks. Drawing upon what we had learned through our mark-making grids, we were told to create pairs of abstract marks that represented opposite emotions. We were encouraged to use multiple media to convey volume and create a sense of space. These word pairs were judged on the basis of our use of various media and how well we employed them to evoke the concepts. I chose the words, Rage/Terror, Certainty/Confusion, Ecstasy/Grief, for my word pairs. I used a variety of media including Charcoal, acrylic paints, microns, and watercolours to express the emotions represented by my chosen word pairs. For example, I used charcoal to represent terror because of its dark and messy outcome. Just like terror, controlling charcoal can be very difficult. Similarly, I used sharpies and microns to represent certainty because of their clarity and neatness. In the final part of this project, we were to create a Value Scale of 9 steps, each step of the scale made up of marks, that formed an even progression. For this I used a print I created using black diluted watercolour and a pencil, to create a progression of cut triangles.

I created a pattern by rolling the painted surface of a pencil on paper, putting different amounts of pressure to create variations of light and dark. I then cut this print into triangles and pasted them in a progression. I really enjoyed this project since it introduced me to mark making and how we can convey diverse emotions through the use of marks and patterns.