Anastasia Smirnova

Pots: 3 Stages

Class of: 2027

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Painting, Photography

Faculty: Niberca Polo

Prompt: Create 3 self portraits of your alter-ego

In my alter-ego project I wanted to discover the dark side of myself through photos of my shade in my paintings. My alter-ego is Pots, which means “dumb guy, idiot” in Yiddish. I often get inspired by guys who do not care about the consequences of their actions and, therefore, feel more freedom. And it is exactly the state that I get when my alter-ego appears inside me. Pots has no gender and typical appearance, it can become absolutely anything and everywhere. The 3 main conditions that I wanted to show is “drunk”, “evil”, “hopeless romantic”. I did 3 abstract paintings with my associations of these states of mind.