Angel Luo

Blithe Angels

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: John Jerard

Prompt: The assignment came in two parts. The first asked that we choose an object to create in line, exploring how the two dimensional gains depth into the three dimensional. The second asked us to create a space/presentation for the object so as to best highlight its form.

The pictured project depicts the first product: a wire mask, fit onto the angel marker of a tombstone. As an answer to the given prompt, my initial object in line form was a functional yet highly decorated gas mask, and the presentation piece, in turn, was a version of weeping angel tombstones, chosen both because I thought it would be interesting how the normally sorrowful incarnations of such figures might contrast with the generally sterile and almost modernly callous connotations of the mask, and also because I felt the mask should be seated on a face to better convey its function. My attempts at building both pieces fall into try/fail process work, where I mostly experimented with how to build the objects rather than truly minding what material to build them with. As it stands, most of the material were things I already had in my possession: Wire, Cardboard, foam, and lots of paint. Ultimately, this project was mainly exploratory, based a lot on instinct rather than heavy consideration.