Anna Baker-Heans


Class of: 2023

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Photography and research paper

Faculty: Carrie Neal and Samantha Zighelboim

Prompt: This project was a bridge project between Integrated Studio and Seminar 2. The assignment was to examine advertising in New York City. We had to pick an advertisement that stood out to us and then research it in Seminar. After we researched who made it, why they made it, what was successful or unsuccessful about it etc., we were asked to create three redesigns of the ad for studio. We could redesign off of branding, platform, or target audience. We could edit the original advertisement, or create an entirely new one.

Integrative Studio

Integrative Seminar

For this assignment, in Integrated Seminar 2, we were asked to write a research paper on an advertisement we had seen in New York, and to then use the knowledge we gained from that research to create three redesigns of the advertisement for Integrated Studio 2. The original advertisement I chose was part of Nike’s, “Until We All Win,” ad campaign. This campaign while advertising Nike’s sportswear, also makes a strong statement about the state of our country, and the need for people to start speaking up about issues dividing people such as race and gender. I was impressed by Nike’s choice to take a political stance through their advertising, however in doing my research for seminar I realized that this has been a defining factor of their brand since the 70’s. In my redesigns I decided I wanted to use Nike’s strategy of taking a stance through advertising. I have danced nearly my whole life, and a large problem within the dance community is body shaming. In many forms of dance the preferred body type is very thin. As a dancer you are often told that you are less of a dancer, or that there will be no career opportunities for you if you do not fit this mold. Additionally there is little to no representation of diverse body types in dancewear advertising. Rather than redesign a Nike ad I already found to be successful, I decided to use their strategy to remake advertisements for a dancewear brand. I chose Wear Moi because I find it to be especially lacking in body diversity. With more time I would return to this project to include more diverse groups of people. In this draft, because of my timeline, I worked with photos I had already taken.