Anna Ka Wai Kwan

1. My Copy of the Master Painting ( Detail), Andrea del Sarto, Madonna of the Harpies, 1517, oil on panel. 2. I see you in my Dreams

Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Oil on Panel

Faculty: Margaret Krug

Prompt: "The indirect oil painting process, working with an image of a master painting" "To avoid overload of information and to keep it simple, choose and object or a small detail in nature or from an interior, such as a portion of a tree with foliage revealing pieces of the sky... let the work and your close observations inform you as you make an original painting using the same method described above."

These two paintings both use the indirect oil painting method. The first painting was created by working from an image of a master painting. The second piece was an original work using the same method, but as a hue-bias painting.