Anna Scola


Class of: 2022

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Ceramics

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: Create a ceramic model of a selected piece of NYC architecture.

My favorite building in New York is the Flatiron building, has been since my first visit to New York in 2008. It always reminded me of a building we have in Singapore, The Gateway. The Gateway is also triangular shaped, but made entirely of a flat glass structure. As I see so much of Singapore in New York, the flatiron building seems like the symbol of New York antiqueness to Singapore’s newness. Approaching this project, I knew immediately that I wanted to replicate ether Flatiron. This encouraged me to look closer at the building, beyond it’s formal shape. I discovered an amazingly intricate facade that seems to go unnoticed as people stand from afar to take their photos. In my work, I wanted to have the emphasis on the texture of the surface. Modifying to a much smaller scale, I hope to have ignited an interest in my audience to approach the building with a different perspective—one of greater observation and contemplation.