Annie Kwon


Class of: 2023

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Graphic Design

Faculty: Juanli Carrion

Prompt: We were given a chart of the resulting colors of an experiment performed using samples from different water bodies in NYC to dye cotton with red cabbage. It showed the pH levels detected from: the Gowanus Canal, Prospect Park Lake, Newton Creek, and Tap Water. We were asked to use these resulting colors and apply them to our creative practice to create awareness of the sustainability crisis of the water system in NYC. (Applied Design)

While sustainability has become a trend and more people are doing what they can to stay environmentally healthy, it is hard for people to stay motivated to do so. For this project, my goal was to create something that can make being sustainable fun. I personally always try my best to stay sustainable, but I often lose motivation to follow through or simply forget to do so. Therefore, I decided to create an app that aids people who have a hard time building a habit to stay sustainable by approaching being sustainable more like a game. The audience of this product is anyone interested in nature or becoming environmentally friendly. In the app pHond, each user has a pond they are responsible for. The pond will appear in different colors to visualize how polluted the water is. The colors are from the pH experiment testing the amount of pollution in different water bodies in NYC we were introduced to for this project. In this game, the user aims to gather enough points to purchase items that can help the puri cation of the pond. The user has to select “a sustainable action” and upload a picture proving that you completed this action to earn points. After uploading, the user will be provided points that correspond to the action they have done. The user can identify the amount of contamination of their pond (their progress) by comparing its color to the colors on the pH test. The pond will start with a pH of 5, and the goal is for your pond should have a pH of 7, similar to bottled water. By adding items, the ph will go up. If the pond is too crowded, the pH will exceed 7 and the user will have to balance out their items.