April Seo

Packaging for Power Adapter

Class of: 2026

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Acetate, paper

Faculty: Aaron Brashear

Prompt: Students were asked to bring in an object of choice. Then, they were tasked with creating a packaging that effectively demonstrates the product contained inside is using typography, color, imagery and form without seeing the object.

To start, I laid out key words that I wanted to focus on that were related to power and electricity. The word “bold” caught my eye and I decided to pursue it as the main theme. I wanted to design a box packaging and to accommodate the sustainability standpoint, I wanted this packaging to double as a carrying case. Researching forms, I decided on a slide out case. As I worked at the design lab, I became curious as to what printing on acetate would do to my design. One thing I didn’t realize was that printing on acetate would mean that the white of my designs would turn transparent. To solve this problem, I spray mounted a piece of 11×17 text stock paper onto the back. This created an interesting effect as the texture of the paper could be seen through the transparent window created by the white areas. Acetate also made the material stronger and gave a glossy finish. The vibrancy was enhanced as well. As I put together my die lines, I realized that in order for my object to sit inside the box securely, I would need an insert to hold the object. I couldn’t find a template for the specific inserts that I was trying to make so I made measurements and created by own inserts on Illustrator.