Ava Priscilla DeFrancesco


Class of: 2027

Major: Interior Design BFA

Medium: Paper (Magazine), Acrylic Paint, Watercolour, Pencil

Faculty: Warren Bradley

Prompt: For our final project, the theme was “The Best Drawing / Illustration I've ever done” incorporating all of our lessons we learned in class. We were encouraged to use whatever medium we liked.

For my final piece I wanted to work with collage in some way, I loved learning this in class and using different pages of a magazine to mix and match; it was almost like creating my own original fashion puzzle to make up my original drawings from live models. The center piece is a portrait made of water colour with a background of acrylic paint. I played with the composition in a few ways before deciding on the final layout of the triptych to make each fashion figure a focal point. I feel like this is personally my best fashion illustration since I paid special attention to details and included all my favourite mediums.