Badah Oh

Stained Red, Wicked Fate

Class of: 2025

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Muslin fabric, candle wax, candle wick, black satin fabric

Faculty: Diana Shpungin

Prompt: The assignment was to create a piece that represents our assigned theme and genre using non art materials.

Following the given theme of guilt and genre of period films, muslin fabric, candle wax, and candle wick were the main mediums for this piece. Traditional Korean films portray kings and emperors as powerful and merciless rulers whom often times hide their empathy for their subjects. Creating a juxtaposition with the king’s rule and his subjects I used fabric usually used for clothes that peasants would wear to create the contemporary representation of a kings gown, which is usually red. Additionally, the text following the ribbon is a historical document from the Korea-Germany peace treaty.